Network Device Processor

Make sense of network configuration files

Device Processor goes through the stored router and switch configuration files

Extract IP network and interface information

Generate precise IP plan of your environment

Detect overlapping or identical IP networks and addresses

Provide statistical distribution of discovered networks by size

Confidential service. Read our security notes.


Make sure that we support your routers/switches. Check the supported syntax.

Select the configuration files:


Max. config files to analyse Max. interfaces per device
Guest user 5 10
Registered (logged in) user 50 500

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If you have several saved router/switch configuration files...

1. Upload

Select the configuration files and analyze them with the Device Processor

Upload dialog
Upload dialog

2. Check the status

You will see the overview statistics and the link to the resulting CSV file

Processing results
Processing results

3. Download resulting CSV file

The resulting CSV file contains the discovered IP entries: networks, subnetworks and interfaces.

CSV file
CSV file

The resulting file can immediately be imported into the Apteriks IP Address Manager, or used offline.