Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

How are your services different from the competition?

The main difference is in the way we deliver them. Our services run from the cloud, where we take care of most arrangements for you. Thus, you do not need to allocate any computing resources or buy any permanent licenses.

Is my communication with the portal protected?

Yes, all your communication is encrypted end-to-end with an SSL certificate (2048 bit industry standard).

SSL Certificate

How many networks and nodes can I fit in the default IPAM quota?

Your IPAM quota is measured in "IP Objects". An "IP Object" is any single network (regardless of size) or a node. Thus, if you create 10 networks, they consume 10 objects. Similarly, if you create 10 nodes, they consume 10 objects too.

Sentinel operation

What does the Sentinel agent do?

The Sentinel agent is responsible for the scanning and inventory features, allowing you to discover networks and nodes, running services and their inventory details.

Where shall I install the Sentinel agent?

The Sentinel agent is installed within the managed environment (i.e. your company or your customer's). It established the secure communication with the Apteriks portal and links with your account.

How many Sentinels do I need to install?

Only one Sentinel needs to be installed per VRF.

Do I need to install the Sentinel agent in order to work with your IPAM?

No, you do not need the Sentinel agent in order to use our IP Address Manager, but without it you will not be able to run the network discoveries. You will need to add/delete/modify all IPAM entries manually.

Can I install more than one Sentinel in a single VRF?

No. The sentinel that registers to the portal first will be accepted, and the other Sentinel will receive an error message about the duplicate registration.

Can I mix Sentinels of different types?

Sentinel agent is provided in different forms - as a service, an application, and a command line utility. On a per VRF basis, you can use any type that suits your needs.

What are the technical requirements to run a Sentinel?

The sentinel does not require a high CPU or memory, and can run on practically any computer. The only requirement is a good and reliable network connectivity. Thus, do not run the Sentinel over a wireless network as during the network scanning some packets will be lost and scanning results will not be 100% accurate.


How do I pay for your services?

We accept online payments only. Once you subscribe to our service we charge you an agreed fee on a monthly basis.

Can I change or cancel my subscription?

You can change (upgrade or downgrade) or cancel your subscription anytime.

What payment methods do you accept?

Please refer to the list of accepted payment methods.

Can you see my credit card data?

Your payment data, such as credit card details, is only visible to the payment processing company. Apteriks never this data. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.