IPAM Object Types

Apteriks IP Address Manager uses the following objects on the hierarchy tree.

IP Address Space/VRF

An IP Address Space is a collection of non-overlapping IP addresses: networks and nodes. It may represent the whole company, or a particular VPN/VRF.

An IP Address Space may contain Folders, Networks, and Nodes

Group of IP Address Spaces/VRF's

Group similar-purpose IP Address Spaces/VRFs together using the Group object.
Drag-and-drop IP Address Spaces into an appropriate group on a hierarchical tree.


A folder is an arbitrary collection of networks and other folders. Use it as a way to group various objects together. Note that folders are only shown on a Flex Tree.


Network can be subdivided in two types.

Supernetwork, or supernet, is an IP network that is formed from the combination of two or more networks (or subnets) with a common Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) prefix. In IPAM context, a supernet contains other networks but not the individual IP nodes.

IPv4 supernet

IPv6 supernet

Leaf networks contain IP hosts but no subnetworks; in other words, they are located at the end of network hierarchy.

IPv4 leaf network

IPv6 leaf network


A node (or a host) is any single IP address assigned to a single network device. An example of a node is a server, printer, or a router.

IPv4 node

IPv6 node