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Ticketing system Request Management Security
Simple and effient help desk ticketing system that can manage both standard tickets and service requests. One thing that often reflects the maturity of your IT organization - Request Management Portfolio. One place for your users to ask for services and track the execution. Next to authentication of your users, protect your helpdesk instance by an access control list.

Key features

Customisable helpdesk tickets

We support free-text helpdesk tickets as well as the specialized Request forms. Forms offer field customization and setup of custom SLA.

Single Sign-On

Next to authenticated and anonymous users you can pre-authenticate your corporate users in your own environment, ensuring their transparent login to the Helpdesk.

Integrated discussion forum

Within each helpdesk ticket you can request for more information, provide details or attachments, ask questions and reply to them. No need for emails. All ticket- or request-related details are in one place.

Helpdesk firewall

Want to have better control over who can access your helpdesk? Just add trusted networks to the firewall white list, and block everything else.

Unique and customizable URL

Adjust the web URL to your helpdesk the way you want.

Full history and audit

Every bit of communication is captured and logged, including dates and names, making it easier for the review and planning.


IPAM Request Management comes free in premium subscription plans of an IP Address Management suite.

Helpdesk will also be available as a standalone product soon.



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