Operational Planner


The development of tactical and operational planning is time consuming. These plans are often not visible to the department that needs to use them as a guidance.

Operational planner is an online tool that helps to implement your company's strategic goals.


It stores your tactical and operational planning details in a secure and convenient way. It may be used to guide a team or a department, or to describe the way a particular operational area works.


Improve focus areas. Operational planning helps to identify the effect of the operational activity and possible weaknesses. Develop ways to improve the efficiency and increase profits.

We support the following types of online planning:

An Operational Plan that helps to you convert the strategic goals into tactical and operational targets.

A Decision Log that captures rules, decisions and observations in a particular area.

Abandon spreadsheets that nobody can find in a document repository.

Make your decisions and objectives visible.

Team efficiency Compliancy Performance
Make goals and objectives visible to everyone in a team. Help everyone to achieve the desired results. Improve the compliancy of an operational area by clearly describing its rules and exceptions. This helps to maintain the quality standards and dicrease the operational burden. Simplify the documentation and tracking of actions and to-do items. Reduce the time to serve the service requests.

Key features

Industry standard definitions

Our planner uses the standard terminology and guides you in creating the proper planning structure. Targets are properly linked with Actions, Rules with Exceptions, and so on.

Document and Table views

Flexible representation of your plans and decision logs. Convenient way to edit and to present to your audience.

Granular access control

Keep your plans and decision logs private or share them with your team.

Perfect companion for IPAM

Convenience is the key. Every IPAM engineer has an instant access to the rules and decisions of an IP Address Management operational area. Read more...


Operational Planner comes free in premium subscription plans of an IP Address Management suite.



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