Apteriks is a hosted service

comparison with an in-house solution boils down to only two things


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Instant availability

You can

Or instead

Choose one of the in-house solutions and spend weeks installing, configuring and creating support procedures around it.

Spend 1 minute to create an account with us and immediately start using our service. We take care of everything else.


No upfront investments

You can

Or instead

Fight for an IT budget and get one of the in-house software products by paying the full price upfront. Over several years the support contract will double your costs.

Pay small monthly fee for your subscription. You can start small and upgrade or cancel whenever you need.


Better price

For an in-house solution, cost of running a VM in a datacenter might already be higher than your subscription at Apteriks. On top of that you will have all the engineering work and software prices.
Beware of hidden costs. Our service has ONE FEE only.

Better availability

You can

Or instead

Try to obtain an uptime commitment for an in-house solution.

You're lucky if you get 95% as usually there is just best effort.

Rely on our service.

We are offering 99.9% uptime.

Better service

You can

Or instead

Do it all yourself.

It takes efforts to keep knowledge, patch servers, install upgrades, manage backups. And a lot more.

Try our service.

We take care of all maintenance and backups, and keep updating our portal every few weeks. You are always on the latest version.

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