Apteriks News

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  • September.

    - The new free IPAM quota threshold introduced of 500 IP objects

    - Node list in IP Address Manager can now be adjusted to display the desired node fields.

  • August. Improvements in IP Address Manager

    - Expanded IPAM Smart Filters functionality with possibility to search on custom fields.

    - Added option to control individual user rights to Helpdesk.

    - Expanded the management of user rights: they can be defined on a per-IP Address Space (VRF) basis.

    - Added DCIM Connectivity fields to IPAM nodes


    - Added option to change the payment method of a running subscription.

    - Updated the Privacy Policy document with a new location of data storage.

  • July. Improved IPAM Search. Added the possibility to export results of a Search or Smart Filter to a file.
  • May. Improvements in IP Address Manager

    - IP Address Spaces/VRF's can be grouped using the new IPAM Group object.

    - Client log can be exported to a comma-separated value (CSV) file.

    - Periodic network scans can now be executed twice a day if needed.

    - Improved display of custom fields of IPAM elements.

  • April. IPAM can now import IP networks directly from a routing table of a live router. This allows for the real time comparison and synchronization of an IPAM database with a live network.
  • February. Two new products released: Helpdesk and Request Management and Operational Planner.


  • November. The support of custom fields has been added to IPAM networks, nodes, and other IP elements.
  • October. User interface has been adjusted for modern browsers that take into account the display's pixel density.
  • September. REST API interface to Apteriks IP Address Manager has been released.
  • August. We enabled Premium subscriptions with possibility to upgrade or downgrade at will.
  • May. Apteriks portal has tightened the security and achieved the PCI compliance. The support of the legacy encryption protocols has been turned off.
  • March. SmartFilters added to the IP Address Manager. They act as a virtual folders and define flexible search criteria for your IPAM data.
  • January. Performance and User Interface improvements in the IP Address Manager. The solution can now store and process dozens of thousands of IP objects per customer.


  • November. Major upgrade of IP Address Manager. Added support of folders, introduced FlexTree, improved user interface.
  • September. We have changed our Privacy Policy: in order to provide the true geographic redundancy of our service, as of now the user data can be stored in any geographic region.
  • August. The Terms of Service have been updated to reflect the formal ownership of Apteriks portal.
    Support of SNMP-based discovery has been added to the new release of Sentinel, allowing to obtain device Hardware/Software/Model details along with many other things. As of now, IP Address Manager has unified interface to perform the infrastructure discoveries.
  • April. Statistical overviews and summaries are added to IP Address Manager, providing more insights on the utilization of your IPAM.
  • March. For the second year in a row, Gartner included Apteriks in year 2015 global market guide on DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI)
  • January. An action log and Administrative Types and Statuses have been added to the IP Address Manager.


  • November. Apteriks solution was presented to the public at the WebSummit 2014 conference in Dublin, Ireland.
    New features added to IP Address Manager: The search function; Support of DHCP and Generic IP ranges; Expanded control over user rights.
  • October. The IT Infrastructure Discovery got its own product page and is now able to initiate the exploration of any arbitrary network with a single button click.
    Automatic generation of Infrastructure Discovery Report.
  • September. Added support of TCP Service Discovery for any managed network. Added the support of Service Provider setup; now Apteriks solution can be used to manage your own clients.
  • August. The launch of distributed architecture based on interaction of Apteriks portal with remote sentinel agents. This breakthrough development allows for the integration of company IT environment with Apteriks portal, and delivery of full-featured products from the web.
  • April. Gartner included Apteriks in year 2014 global market guide on DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI).
    Added the new user interface. UI improvements in IP Address Manager.
  • March. Implementation of multi-user setup and User Rights Management in Apteriks IPAM. Support of overlapping IP Address spaces.
  • February. New product: Device Processor interprets the network configuration and helps to extract and visualize the data.
    All data to the portal is now SSL encrypted.
  • January. Any Apteriks tool can now directly query the public Whois databases of Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).
    New tool: Online IPv4/v6 IP Subnet Calculator has been launched and integrated with IP Address Manager.
    Added the Quick Start guide for the new Apteriks users.
  • January. Apteriks was founded and launched with the prototype of IP Address Manager service. Apteriks blog has been launched.