Technical Specifications

What's inside our solution

  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with out-of-the-box support of ISA-95 equipment hierarchy model.
  • Powerful IP Address Management (IPAM) engine.
  • Built-in network scanning and device inventory engine.

Few words on the architecture

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

  • Out of the box, we provide the support of ISA-95 equipment hierarchy model.
  • On Organisation level, we support Business Units/Departments, Regions, Sites.
  • On an equipment level, we support Vendors, Hardware models and Software releases, Devices and their components, and more.
  • From a support perspective, all your equipment can be associated with a Support Organisation/Contract.

IP Address Management (IPAM)

  • All must-have IPAM features, such as IPv4/IPv6 subnet and IP address management, VRFs and IP ranges.
  • Built-in IPv4/IPv6 subnet calculator and public WHOIS requester for any IP address.
  • Advanced searching and filtering possibilities. Complex search criteria can be saved as Smart Filters.

We offer a very convenient way to look at your IP subnets.

  • Using Flex Tree you can group your subnets any way you like, create folders, drag-and-drop to create custom a hierarchical tree.
  • At the same time Network Hierarchy Tree shows the actual relationship among IP subnets based on their network addresses and masks. It's a great tool to analyze the route summarization.

Infrastructure Discovery and Scanning

  • Device Inventory. Scanning your equipment by SNMP protocol. Retrieval of Vendor, Model, Serial number, list of installed components along with their details.
  • Detection of changes. Ability to detect changes in your install base, such as an upgrade/replacement/removal of an equipment.
  • Discovery of IP addresses. Scanning networks for the active IP addresses, resolving their DNS names, measuring Round Trip Time (RTT).
  • Discovery of running services. Scanning IP addresses for open TCP ports: detection of databases, file shares, web servers, etc.
  • Scheduled discoveries. You can schedule periodic discoveries of your networks or your equipment and execute them on a regular interval.

Import - Export

  • A list of any objects can be imported from a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file or exported to a file.
  • IP subnet information can be extracted from saved router configuration files.
  • IP subnet information can be imported from a routing table of a live router. This allows you to compare your IPAM database with IP subnets in a live network and select entries you would like to import.
  • A search result, as well as filter result, can be exported to a CSV file.

Data Model

  • Every object type that we support is documented in our Docs.
  • You can expand our data model with your own custom fields.
  • You can tag any objects with one or more Tags, and search based on Tags.

Delegated administration

  • Create user accounts for your whole team and share the access to the same data.
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) allows granular control of user rights and privileges.


  • All CMDB and IPAM objects are available via REST API. Integrate our solution with any other data source or a BI platform.


  • We develop our product in The Netherlands since 2014.
  • We frequently update our platform with new features. You are always on a latest version. Have a look at our news page.

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