Configuration Management Database service

Apteriks CMDB is a hosted service

Pre-configured, reliable, and frequently upgraded with new features

The CMDB captures and relates to each other elements of your Organisation and various hardware and software Assets that you need to manage.

It takes only a minute to register and start using it.

Capture your Organisational structure

Link your assets to it.

Business Units and Departments, Sites and Work Units,- they all can be imported or configured manually, and used as containers for your assets.

We support ISA-95 object hierarchy model out of the box.

Equipment hierarchy

Consolidate and streamline your Vendor and Hardware management

Capture and standardize all elements of equipment hierarchy, as well as Support and Maintenance contracts; associate them with all managed devices.

Lifecycle management

Manage End of Life / Support information for your equipment

Import or define EoX information for your equipment models, generate Lifecycle Compliance reports and always be in control.

At any time, generate lifecycle reports with a single mouse click:

  • How many non-standard or End-of-Life devices do you have in a given region or site?
  • When do you need to replace devices that are approaching End-of-Support?

Automatic inventory of your Devices and Models

All details of your equipment can be retrieved automatically.

It's enough to import a range of device's IP addresses and discover all their details using SNMP protocol. The consecutive scan of a device can reveal its replacement or upgrade, or any changes in the list of hardware components or interfaces.

  • Vendor
  • Model
  • Name
  • Serial number
  • List of hardware components
  • List of interfaces; their IP addresses and status

Easy import and export

We offer simple and powerful import and export engine that covers all IPAM and CMDB objects.

Import from CSV files. CMDB Devices, Sites, Hardware Models, or any other object types,- can be easily imported from a CSV file and exported back.

Flexible data model

Any object can be assigned one or more tags (labels). Any object type can be expanded with custom fields.
  • Custom fields can be textual or numeric, drop-down lists or checkboxes.
  • Tags are universal markers that can be given to any object; clicking on a given tag displays a list of all objects with that tag.

Granular user access rights

You have full control of privileges assigned to Roles and Users

We support a powerful Role Based Access Control (RBAC) that governs privileges per Role, per object type. You can also assign privileges specific to a certain IPAM VRF or CMDB Site.

Remote integration by REST API

You can integrate your systems with our database, remotely

Do you have a BI tool, or other database, or simply want to process your data by a script?
This is all possible by the integration using REST API.