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End to end visibility into your assets

You can see relations between your Business Units, Sites, network Devices and IP addresses. All in one place.

Out of the box, we support an ISA-95 object hierarchy model.

We help you to automate your inventory

A single installation of our agent software will help to create an inventory of your devices and network hosts.

Obtain their serials, models, hardware parts and running services.
DETECT CHANGES IN YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE: upgrades, replacements, or new networks.

Mitigate the risks of Lifecycle Management

How many non-standard or end-of-life devices do you have in a particular region or a site?
When do you need to replace devices that are approaching End-of-Support?

Our lifecycle report covers it all.

We are open to integrate

No vendor dependency. You can import or export your data at any time. Integrate our CMDB and IPAM with any other database or BI analytics via REST API.

Integration = Power

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