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Technical details

What's inside our solution

  • Powerful IPAM engine
  • Built-in network scanning engine

Few words on the architecture

IPAM engine

  • Secure access from any place, any device. We use HTTPS and enforce the use of strong encryption everywhere.
  • All must-have IPAM features, such as IPv4/IPv6 subnet and IP address management, VRFs and IP ranges.
  • Built-in IPv4/IPv6 subnet calculator and public WHOIS requestor for any IP address.
  • Advanced searching and filtering possibilities. Complex search criteria can be saved as Smart Filters.

We offer a very convenient way to look at your IP subnets.

  • Using Flex Tree you can group your subnets any way you like, create folders, drag-and-drop to create custom a hierarchical tree.
  • At the same time Network Hierarchy Tree shows the actual relationship among IP subnets based on their network addresses and masks. It's a great tool to analyze the route summarization.

Import - Export

Import of IP data from the following sources.

  • CSV file
  • Saved router configuration files. You can process hundreds of them at once and extract all IP subnet information.
  • Routing table of a live router. This allows you to compare your IPAM database with IP subnets in a live network and select entries you would like to import.

Export of data, whether it is a VRF, or search result, or a filtered object list.

Network Scanning

Apteriks portal is a hosted service located outside your company perimeter. Therefore in order to scan your network you need to deploy a tiny Sentinel agent program (only one per VRF). It only takes few minutes. Refer to the Sentinel Setup Guide for more information.

Scanning includes:

  • IP address Up/Down status, measurement of RTT, reverse DNS name resolution.
  • TCP port scanning. It allows to discover the function of many servers, for example a Database of a particular kind, a Shared drive, a Web server or Domain Controller.
  • SNMP based inventory, such as manufacturer/model/uptime, etc.
  • Support of scheduled (periodic) discoveries
  • The following sample report is based on the discovery result and can be generated for any managed network.

Delegated administration

  • Create user accounts for your whole team and share the access to the same data.
  • Granular control of user rights that is based on the VRF and the Action. As an example, user can be granted Read-only rights to one VRF while being able to manage IP addresses in the other VRF.

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