Hosted service

Apteriks platform is a hosted (a.k.a. SaaS) service. How to compare it with an in-house solution?

Several questions to ask yourself before you start comparing the metrics.


Are you an IT company or your business is elsewhere? Do you have an IT department with enough spare time to maintain all in-house tools and solutions?

Are you comfortable with upfront capital investments or rather convert them into a smaller operational expenses?

Is agility important to you? Do you need the ability to change/cancel the scope of your managed services? Are you comfortable with longer implementation timelines or need to respond quicker to changes in a business environment?

Concentrate on your core business

Numerous in-house IT tools may overwhelm your IT department.

Hosted service lets you focus on things that are important to you. Instead of purchasing yet another tool, subscribe to a service and concentrate on your core business.

Instant availability

It takes time to get things done in-house.

Hosted service has no lead time to deliver. No need for setting up the infrastructure, research (will it work?..) or proof-of-concept. Open up an account and start using it within a minute.

No capital investments

With an in-house solutions, you need to pay upfront the full price of a product, plus yearly support fees that can be as high as 10-15% of the initial purchase fee.

Hosted service lets you pay only for what you use, as you go.

Elasticity and rapid scalability

In-house software offers no flexibility in terms of resizing and cancellation. It's just not there.

Hosted service is elastic. It lets you start small, upgrade and downgrade when needed. You can cancel your subscription anytime too.

Quick access to innovation

In-house solutions are very seldom the latest-version with all bug fixes. It takes resources and time to keep everything up to date.

Hosted service always gives you the latest software version. We release new features on a monthly basis.

Get rid of hidden costs

It is often forgotten, but in-house software has "hidden requirements" that you will not find in the marketing papers.

  • Servers, storage, databases, licenses, power to run
  • More IT staff, more training and in-house expertise
  • Maintenance and support efforts
  • Backup and disaster recovery facilities
  • Development efforts

Hosted service has a single fee that covers it all. One price. No hidden costs.

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